Interior of the Katholikon – Hosios Loukas. Courtesy Hosios Loukas Monastery.
The Parthenon, seen from Philopappou Hill. HFC.
Theodosian Walls. Public domain.
Southwestern entrance mosaic of Hagia Sophia.
The Virgin Mary is standing in the middle, holding the Child Christ on her lap. On her right side stands emperor Justinian I, offering a model of the Hagia Sophia. On her left, emperor Constantine I, presenting a model of the city. Public domain.
Pantocrator Icon, detail.
Bazaar at Athens by Edward Dodwell, Views in Greece. Public domain.
Statue of Socrates in front of the Academy of Athens, 19th century. HFC.
Plato and Aristotle, detail from School at Athens, by Raphael. Public domain.
Gravure showing traditional Greek costumes. Public domain.
Medieval Gospel Book Cover with Byzantine and western elements, detail. Wikimedia Commons.
1950s comic book version of the famous poem - Erotocritos.
Christ Carrying the Cross, by El Greco, c. 1577-87. Courtesy
The Capodistrian Orphanage, 1828.
The imposing orphanage of Aegina was initially built by Ioannis Capodistrias to house and teach children orphaned by the 1821 War of Independence.
Mark Antony and Cleopatra.
Constantine Palaeologos, detail, Photis Kontoglou, 1953. Courtesy of the Kontoglou estate.
Giorgos Seferis.
Linear B tablet, excavated by Sir Arthur Evans. Courtesy Ashmolean Museum.
Hellenistic mosaic inscription, in the Damascus National Museum. Public domain.
Miniature of the Alexander Romance, a fourteenth century manuscript, detail. Courtesy of Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice.
The Dance, by Theophilos.
Cavafy Manuscript: "Waiting for the Barbarians.
University of Athens, detail. HFC.
Detail from Aegean Airlines advertising campaign.
Busts of Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles, outside the National Gardens, Athens. HFC.
Courtesy Imgkid.
From a performance of Aristophanes' Women in Congress, staged at UCLA.
Icon painter, Karagiozis figure, courtesy of the Haridimos Shadow Puppet Museum.
Poster for Mother, Mom, Mama, a play by Yorgos Dialegmenos.
Detail, highlighting the musical notes.
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