Thessaloniki Book Fair 201520150512102301

Thessaloniki Book Fair 2015

Christiane Lange CaratzasMay 12, 2015, , 0 comments
We say goodbye from the 12th International Book Fair. Thank you to all our contributors and to the 50.000 people who came to visit us. See you next ye...
5th International Kiev Book Fair20150421110544

5th International Kiev Book Fair

Christiane Lange CaratzasApril 21, 2015, , 0 comments
HFC–Odessa will participate in the 5th International Book Fair in Kiev on April 22-26. Please come visit and stop by to say hello in the HFC stand....
33rd International Istanbul Book Fair20141108113647

33rd International Istanbul Book Fair

Christiane Lange CaratzasNovember 8, 2014, , , , , 0 comments
The road trip of the Greek book continues to the 33rd International Istanbul Book Fair, starting tomorrow November 8 and running through November 11. ...
59th Belgrade International Book Fair20141025111606

59th Belgrade International Book Fair

Christiane Lange CaratzasOctober 25, 2014, , , , 0 comments
We are representing Greece at the 59th Belgrade Book Fair, October 26 to November 2. HFC will also be hosting the City of Thessaloniki in our stand at...
66th Frankfurt International Book Fair20141008203329

66th Frankfurt International Book Fair

The HFC is representing Greece at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 9-12. This is a new endeavor for the HFC, since the recent merger of EKEVI and HFC,...