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The Beginning

Greek belongs to the Indo-European language family. Proto-Greek speakers possibly came to the Greek peninsula in the 3rd millennium BC and Proto-Greek is assumed to be the ancestor to all known varieties of Greek. Since the 3rd millennium BC, Greek has been spoken uninterruptedly in Greece. Although scholars tend to emphasize the antiquity, the Greek language does not end with the classical period or the Hellenistic Koine. On the contrary, it shows a remarkable continuity through the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires down to the present. Continue reading The Beginning

Hellenistic Koine

The convergence of the common dialects towards the Attic continued to such a degree that, when the Macedonians united all the Greeks under their banners and declared the Attic dialect as the official language of their state, this was easily accepted by all. Out of this linguistic unity emerges a new common language: the Koine (koine=shared, common), firmly based in the Attic dialect. Continue reading Hellenistic Koine