From a performance of Aristophanes' Women in Congress, staged at UCLA. Lord Byron at Missolonghi, Theodoros Vryzakis, 1861. Mosaic Decoration – Hosios Loukas. Courtesy Hosios Loukas Monastery. Christ Carrying the Cross, by El Greco, c. 1577-87. Courtesy Linear B tablet, excavated by Sir Arthur Evans. Courtesy Ashmolean Museum.
Acropolis, by Edward Dodwell in Views in Athens. Public domain. Rebetiko musicians. Public Domain. Palikaria, Karagiozis figures, courtesy of the Haridimos Shadow Puppet Museum Leaf from the Epistle to the Hebrews, Byzantine, 12th century. Courtesy Bust of Sophocles outside the National Gardens in Athens. HFC.
Seferis receiving the Nobel Prize in 1963. Detail, highlighting the musical notes. Thanos Vrondolalos, Photis Kontoglou, 1946. Courtesy of the Kontoglou estate. Poster for performance of  The Coupling at The National Theatre of Northern Greece. Saint Gregory the Theologian, Icon, Greek, c. 1500. In a private collection, Sydney, Australia. Public domain.
1950s comic book version of the famous poem - Erotocritos. Hellenistic mosaic inscription, in the Damascus National Museum. Public domain. Cavafy, ca. 1900. Polismall Album cover for one of Demetriades' records.
Statue of Plato in front of the Academy of Athens, 19th century. HFC. NeoCsmall Psalter, Byzantine, late 12th century. Courtesy The Dance, by Theophilos. Bazaar at Athens by Edward Dodwell, Views in Greece. Public domain.
HSsmall Epic of Digenis Akrites, Athens National Library manuscript. Public domain. Postage stamp featuring Adamantios Korais, the "father" of Katharevousa. Public domain. Cavafy Manuscript: "Waiting for the Barbarians. A 1738 English edition of Aristotle's "Compleat Master-piece." Public domain.