The world of books celebrates and participates in a four-day international dialogue forum at the 20th TBF20240514085128
Book Clubs participate dynamically in the 20th TBF20240514075727
The 10th Young Writers’ Festival and the new, innovative Poetry Black Box, the 8th Translation Festival, the 3rd Young Book Designers Award, tributes and many more exciting meetings at the 20th TBF20240430095525
International book markets, audio books, artificial intelligence and literary agents from 30 countries at the “Dialogue Rights Centre”20240429081847
We read books, we share ideas… at the Children’s and Teenagers’ Corner!20240426091239
20th Thessaloniki International Book Fair | 16 to 19 May 2024, the 20th Anniversary Edition20240426082437
The Thessaloniki International Book Fair launches the DIALOGUE Rights Center expanding the institution’s international and professional identity [4-7/5/2023]20230425134102
19th Thessaloniki Book Fair – Books and International Dialogue20230404103903
19th Thessaloniki International Book Fair to take place on May 4-7, 2023,paying special tributeto US literature20221212145529
Hellenic Foundation for Culture Delegate Awards20221005084626