The Hellenic Foundation for Culture at the forefront of technology for Greek language learning worldwide

Focusing on the need to move on to the era of digital reconstruction and use of new technologies in the educational process, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture is creating an online platform for learning Greek.

According to the Technology Consultant for the President and of the Board of Directors of HFC, Mr.Vassilis Oikonomou, the pillars on which this important effort is based are:

  • Redesigning and improvement of the infrastructure in order to make the digital school compatible with student needs.
  • Teacher training in the use of digital media and adapting to modern methodologies.
  • Design and creation of digital educational material which covers contemporary needs; it also functions as an incentive for creative monitoring and participation.

The online lessons of the digital school of HFC  have already started with students in the countries where the Homes and the Branches of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture are located.

In Alexandria, Belgrade, Berlin, Bucharest, Odessa and Trieste, our teachers, are adopting new practices and methodological tools; they are also trained to develop their capabilities and function as nuclei for spreading the Greek language, with imaginative and also state-of-the-art tools.
Faithfully following the “vision of the school on Cloud”, the new administration of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, always consistent in its mission, adopts new technologies in order to make the Greek language even more attractive to all those who are interested in learning it.
The president of HFC, Nikos A. Koukis has stated characteristically:“Undoubtedly, the Greek language has an exceptional quality, an endurance over time, a plasticity, and the ability to assimilate new scientific and social concepts, as well as enormous lexical wealth. It is not just an instrument of communication but an intellectual creation that reflects the values ​​of a great culture. We are determined in using new technologies to spread the Greek language in a creative and pleasant way while at the same time we hope for positive results.