Big Bang International Short Film Festival – Athens, June 1-3, 2018

“Big Bang International Short Film Festival” is an annual event that aims to demonstrate thematic and fully completed cinematic suggestions through the cinematic style of the Short Film.

The goal of this year’s “Big Bang International Short Film Festival” is to focus on “Iranian Micro Cinema” through screenings of new short films by Iranian creators.

More details, including the program, regarding this year’s “Big Bang International Short Film Festival” can be found at these links:
(a short version is attached in the Appendix)

The Festival consists of three sections:

Basic Competing Program: “Iranian Micro Cinema”
Thissection aims to introduce to the Greek audience the upcoming young Iranian artists. 34 short films from different young Iranian artists over 3 days!

The First Steps
Presentation of first short films of great and well-known Iranian directors, in order to illustrate their primary cinematic thought and who succeeded later to get recognized and awarded at major Film Festivals and events world wide (Oscars, etc.)

A Special 2-hourThematic Tribute
Like every year, the event contains also a special 2-hour thematic tribute to a timely social issue. For the year 2018″Gender Equality, Support Structures for Women” was chosen. During this thematic tribute, we would like to kindly invite you to present a 15-minute introduction on the position of women today in Iranian Cinematography, on Sunday, 03/06/2018, 20:00 pm. Please, provide us your speech in a written form in English, so we can translate it in Greek and screen it at the same time for the Greek audience, while you will be speaking in the language of your choice.

The Festival is supported by:

  • Public Administration Reform, European Social Fund
  • Iranian Youth Cinema Society (representated by Mr Sadegh Mousavi, CEO)
  • Hellenic Foundation for Culture (representated by Mrs Katerina Balamoti, Representative in Iran)
  • Federation of Greek Cinema Clubs (F.G.C.C.)
  • Greek Film Archive – Film Museum

Media sponsors

  • ERT S.A. (National TV & Radio)
  • Proto Programma 91,6 FM & 105,8 FM
  • Deftero Programma 103,7 FM
  • Kosmos 93,6 FM
  • Athina 9.84 98,3 FM
  • STO KOKKINO 105,5 FM
  • Cinemagazine
  • Cinepivates
  • for free
  • meteo
  • Popaganda
  • deBOp.GR