“Europium” by RootlessRoot – Bucharest

Western culture, Western world – what kind of values do we have?
In March 2017, a renowned Greek contemporary dance company is to perform its latest work in Bucharest. This will be the most significant event of Greek theatre to be held in Romania for 27 years.

On Wednesday March 15, 2017, the Majestic Theatre Odeon Hall will host Europium, the latest theatrical project by acclaimed Greek contemporary dance company RootlessRoot. The event is being organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Czech Centre Bucharest.

Europium sets out to question the supposed European values of democratic maturity and humanism. For several years now, Europe has been tested by the influx of refugees via the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. This situation has caused the work‘s authors to  explore the themes of Western culture, the Western world and what kinds of values we still hold. This major work of performance looks for answers to the fundamental questions of the world in which we are living.

The company RootlessRoot is famous for its style of pedagogy, or teaching practice, which is based on ‘teaching without a  teacher.’ The teaching style conforms to no hierarchical structure, nor does it follow classical methods or formulas;  rather, the participants are trying to find their own vision, seeking knowledge by working with a partner, through games and exercises, or otherwise creating a ‘situation of movement.’

The history of the company began in 2006, when Slovak dancer Jozef Fruček (1975) and Greek dancer Linda Kapetanea (1973) co-founded the RootlessRoot Company in Greece, where they both live. Their works are characterized by raw movement and heroic themes, which often reflect current sociopolitical events. Their works have been presented at dance festivals throughout Europe, and in Asia as well. They often appear alongside dance stars such as Sasha Waltz.
This Romanian performance, recommended by LIKE CNDB Festival, has been organized in partnership with the Odeon Theatre, the National Dance Centre and the Czech Embassy to Romania. The project was initiated by the “Onasis” Cultural Centre in Athens and RootlessRoot, in partnership with the JoJo-Oulu Dance Centre.

Gold sponsor: Alpha Bank. Sponsors: Atlas Corporation, CytoGenomic, Dirent, Orphee Beinoglou-Orbit Romania, RENOMIA SRBA Insurance Broker, TPG. Media partners: Agerpres, B-Critic, Happy TV, LiterNet, MKlasica Melos, Observator cultural, RFI România, Radio România Cultural, Scena9.

Tickets are available at both the Odeon Theatre ticket office and website:
Tickets are priced at 21,20 and 12,72 RON.

You can find more information regarding the Europium project online here: http://rootlessroot.com/performances/43-europium.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/280947468992634

Point of contact:
Claudiu Sfirschi-Lăudat, phone: 0787787604, e-mail: [email protected] / Iulia Țurcanu, phone: 0724352927, e-mail: [email protected]