Greek Animation – Belgrade

Greek Animation in Belgrade

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Greek animated film (1945-2015), the Greek Union of Animation ASIFA Hellas (Greek branch of the International Association of Animation ASIFA – Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) is organizing jointly with projections of Greek animated films in Greece and abroad.

In Belgrade, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, in cooperation with ASIFA Hellas and the Cultural Centre Studentski Grad, will present at the 12th International Balkan Animation Festival (6-10 October 2015) a Greek tribute to animation by projecting nine representative Greek cartoons from 2012-14 accompanied by talk by historian and writer Vasilis Karamitsanis, Chairman of the Board of ASIFA Hellas.

They showcased films are:

Deconstruction, Spyros Pantazis (2011)
Because I just Do Not See, Eleni Tomadaki (2012)
Emigration, Katerina Athanasopoulou (2012)
Man in a Box, Elias Papastamatiou (2012)
Horse, Thanasis Radoglou (2013)
Head Hunter, Christos Papandreopoulos (2013)
My Stuffed Granny, Efi Pappa (2014)
Dinner For Few, Nasos Vakalis (2014)
A Portrait, Aristotelis Marangos  (2014)