2nd Fall Children & Young Adults Book Festival

5-9 October 2015
The Festival will be held in the garden of HFC–Athens, housed in the Bodossaki Villa  in the heart of Palaio Psychiko.
Åíçìåñùôéêü õëéêü ôïõ ÖåóôéâÜëFor the second consecutive year, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture welcomes its young friends by organizing a five-day festival for children’s and young adults’ books, shortly after the start of the new school year, from Monday 5 to Friday 9 October, 2015. This year’s festival is exclusively for organized groups of students of preschool, primary and secondary schools.

Φωτογραφικό στιγμιότυπο  ôïõ ðåñóéíïý ÖåóôéâÜëIt is estimated that more than 2000 students from over 50 schools (kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools) from various regions of Attica will participate throughout the Festival.

Φωτογραφικό στιγμιότυπο το õ ðåñóéíïý ÖåóôéâÜë _3

In this festival, children, teenagers and teachers will have the opportunity to experience the world of childhood and adolescence through 60 book presentations, meetings with authors and illustrators, theater and musical performances, discussions, workshops to be organized by the HFC, childhood and teenage book publishers, children’s and teenage book clubs and other organizations.