Rebetiko Talk – Odessa

HFC-Odessa presents a talk by Prof Yuriy Semenov from Odessa National Music Academy entitled “Nikos Gounaris and Vassilis Tsitsanis: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founders of modern Greek popular music.”

February 19 at 16:00 at HFC–Odessa.

Over the last decade Greek musical and dancing traditions have been enjoying recognition and great popularity in many countries, including Ukraine. The tradition of contemporary Greek popular music was founded, at large, and promoted by renowned Greek singers, bouzouki players, composers and poets born 100 years ago – Nikos Gounaris (1915-1965) and Vassilis Tsitsanis (1915-1985).

The lecturer will demonstrate and comment upon original audio and video recordings of major hits by Gounaris and Tsitsanis (pictured).

This event kicks off our 2015 theme: Music – Sacred and Profane.